Indoor Lighting for Corporate Events


 Outdoor Lighting for Corporate Events


Small LED lights that sit on the floor around the perimeter of a space and project color and light on the walls and ceiling. Uplights are the most effective branding tool you can use. These lights set the theme/mood /vibe and frame your space. They can be set to brand colors, then easily change to warm neutral colors for a formal dinner and change again to be more colorful for the dance party.

String Lights

Dine al fresco, dance under the stars, or bring the outside in and string market/bistro/cafe/globe lights throughout the entire event space, or accent different areas. We can customize a design to your taste.

Pinspot Accent Downspots

To set the vibe, we will dim the house lights. Pinspots are 8’-10’ stands with two mini spotlights at the top. The spotlights are focused on different elements you may want to highlight in the dim setting, such as bars, food stations, dessert displays dining tables, etc. 

Pattern projections

We use high-powered Leko lights to project patterns onto floors, walls and ceilings.

Dance floor lights

To create the party vibe on the dance floor, we suggest something simple. We mount 4 LED pars on a tripod stand. The lights change in rhythm with the music. This helps create a lively atmosphere without any dots or strobing. We recommend two stands/8 lights for the dance floor. You can add a lighting technician to change up the lights from song to song.


Incredibly effective signage and a robust way to brand any space.

Illuminated Tables

Less-expensive than many specialty linens, make an impact by illuminating your tables from below.

Illuminated Backdrop

Customizable illuminated backdrops for stages

Portable Wall

A unique portable wall with many applications. Easily, cleanly and inexpensively hide areas or create spaces. The wall is 6' tall and up to 90' in length. The wall is 12" deep. Goes up and down in  less than 5 minutes.

Video Projection

From full corporate meeting services to animated video arts as decor for any space. Video projection is the future of evert decoration. The decorative possibilities and options are unlimited.


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