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Singing songs to break, melt, and mend the heart, The Sun Followers are an acoustic vocal harmony duo based in Chico, CA.


After 9 years together, Ben Ruttenburg (vocals, guitar) and Samantha Francis (vocals, harmonica, guitar, percussion, tromzoo) have a long and winding love story, as well as a wealth of experience in live music performance ranging from small town community theater stages, to New York City coffee houses, to playing in cover bands for weddings and casinos, and with the lockdowns of 2020, a number of front porches and driveways.


The Sun Followers are well-equipped to entertain and enchant any audience, whether it be a large crowd or an intimate gathering. The Sun Followers perform a mix of covers and originals drawing inspiration from 70s-era folk-rock singer-songwriters like Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor, The Eagles, and Linda Ronstadt, as well as jazz-era vocalists like Etta James and Frank Sinatra, making for an eclectic and charming musical experience.

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