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DJ Chucky Brown is a legend. He has been DJing for 30 years but maintains the spirit of a teenager. He's DJd over 2,000 events, and been the resident at every important club in Miami, New York, and San Francisco. He's DJd for Jamie Foxx, Elton John, Alex Rodriguez and has appeared on MTV, VH1, etc. Chucky provided a special promotional mix for the record-breaking #1 smash, Hamilton, and DJd their Tony Awards party. Some DJs have a routine, not DJ Chucky Brown.“I do everything in the moment,” he says. If you hang around the same club long enough, you’ll hear the crowd complain that they play the same music, in the same order, every week. Chucky is the only nightclub DJ on earth who LOVES taking requests. He likes it so much, he created an all-request party that remains the best Friday Happy Hour party in San Francisco, Battle of the Decades.





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