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Virtual Events

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Contact us today for unique insights about how to take your next meeting to the next level with virtual enhancements.


We offer a full range of online party and meeting services:


Professional audio/video production with premium video cameras, video switching and A/V encoding.


This base service gives you multiple camera angles, smooth camera switching, branded/customized display screens and the best quality audio encoding to the platform of your choice: Zoom, Teams, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc.


From there make your virtual event awesome by incorporating one or more of the following fun add-ons:

  • Mixology/Cooking Demo

  • Virtual Karaoke

  • DJ Dance Parties

  • Live music performances

  • Magicians

  • Celebrity Cameos


The great thing about virtual enhancements is you can add as many as you want without increasing the head count on site, thus increasing the fun without any health risks.

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